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Everyday, government makes decisions that impact you or your business. Purchasing decisions; administrative actions; rules and regulations; legislative action--- hundreds of decisions everyday that matter.

At the Ketcher Law Firm, LLC, we assist clients in successfully navigating the complex and sometimes threatening corridors of state and local government in Missouri.

For each client, we craft an individual strategy to maximize results. Often we recommend a collaborative approach with a government entity or official. At other times, we recommend an aggressive approach that relies heavily on legal principles and the enforcement of rights.

Our strategies usually involve attacking a problem at multiple points. These attack points correspond to the multiple centers of influence and decision making within government itself.

If you or your business have an issue arise with state or local government in Missouri, let us show you how a strategic approach, guided by experience and executed with hard work and diligence, can produce results that matter.


The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.

Ketcher Law Firm, LLC, of St. Louis, Missouri